Welcome to Chocolate3.net!

Updated! - 9/21/21

New site! Welcome everyone to the new site! I'm so happy that we're moving from say 1998 to 2001-2-3-4 or something. Bad news is... we lost our no-SSL support. It's unfortunate, but I guess we've gained a lot from it. Still, a tear falls from my eye. Also, if you didn't know, we're back on Neocities so now I can use those neat 88x31's people make. Another note, a good amount of the CSS was written by sadgrl.online, a great site to check out if you want to get into this shit (I'm sure she's gonna notice the spike in traffic after this lol).

You may also notice the photo page is gone. Frankly, I'm more interested in the blog than anything else, but you can look at a legacy version of the whole old site by clicking here! I hope this can be kind of a new start for this site as I get tired of the same old shit over time. Also I'm running this from my 2007 iMac now so this site really is made on Macintosh and not in the inconvenient 100mb FTP server way. It was so fucking amazing, but frankly I couldn't stand it.

One last thing, the official site font is now Gill Sans. This replaces the old site font of Times New Roman which I have decided is for losers. You may be thinking, "Maxwell, you're an Apple fanboy now, I know, but surely you wouldn't rip off the FUCKING NEWTON for your font!!!" And to that I'd say clearly you don't know how low I can stoop.

Okay, one final final thing. The background, while it is on sadgrl.online's site, I was the one who gave it to her! It's an OS9 desktop pattern, get off my back. Well, thanks for checking out the site. One love!