Blog - May 2021

The month I started this blog, also the month I graduated high school.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Howdy, it's been a few days! I guess I just didn't have anything to say for a bit. I'd like to tell you a little about me over the next few days. I'll start with the biggest thing, that is that I graduate from High School this Friday. I practice for it tomorrow so that'll be fun, I hope. It's really pretty scary that I'll be going into the real world very soon. I feel like I should feel more prepared. There's no money for me to go to college, so I'm going to work til November and then I will be moving to Ohio to start a home studio with a friend I do music with. That's scary too, though more distantly so. There's so much I've got to do first, I need to learn to drive, for example. It's always scared me so bad that I've avoided it. I knew someone who was killed in an accident a few years ago, very scary stuff. I also haven't got a social security card which is a requirement in Kentucky. I'm practically being catapuluted into adulthood, it feels like. And another thing is working. I can't see myself doing anything. I'm hopefully gonna start at the TV station which is at least tolerable work, but it's hard for me. It's really hard. I see people blame the capitalist system for this, and they're probably right, but I need to eat! I'm so jealous of my friends who don't need to work. So, so, jealous.

Back to graduation, I am hoping to find something to do afterwards, I have a friend who might have a little party with me, so I'll bake a layer cake for that tomorrow if they're still coming. I'll post a photo too if I remember! It's hard cause I still can't believe I'm so close to the end. Today I did my last assignments, too. That's just incomprehensible to me. My grades got pretty bad at the end, but I've had a tough year so my parents get it (intermittently at least). I'm glad I'm not going to college cause I think the stress would kill me, plus I just feel done.

One other thing, I went to Starbucks today (a facet of my life these days) and they say you don't have to wear your mask if you get the vaccine. I got mine in late March so I'm good! The other day when I first heard I took mine off for a minute, but I got so nervous I put it back on! Today, though, I kept mine off the whole time. It's really gonna take work to get used to this. I mean, it's been like a year since we started doing this, habits like that are hard to break. As for as I know, most of the other local businesses either don't care or still have strict requirements, no in-between. By the way, one of my bands just got a bassist which is really really cool. I'll include a screengrab from the video we made yesterday at practice! See you all soon, probably tomorrow!

Pardon the low quality, this was taken from a VHS tape

Saturday, May 15, 2021

It's kind of funny that I said I wouldn't update for a bit, yet here I am! Either way I just had some basic life updates to make. First, I put in my 2 weeks at my current job at Domino's. It's actually gonna be 3 weeks since I'm gonna miss all of the week after next since I'm going to Ohio to play a gig with a band I play with. Secondly, I've been scheduled for an in-person show! It's gonna be at the Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY on June 11th. I'm not sure if anyone reads these, but if you do you're welcome to either come or watch the live feed. Just look up something like "Late for Dinner Maxwell Whitaker" and it should show up. Also that's my stage name if you will. People call me a lot of things, you see. I've got a lot of fancy nicknames. Anyways, that's all for today!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Hi, I'm back! So, today and tomorrow I have work so I probably won't feel like updating much, but I should be back on Sunday. Today was a really nice day, I got up for school at 7:00 and then decided to just not go since I graduate next week. So, I went to Starbucks at 7:45 and it was actually a lot of fun. I also brought along this camera I found in a box, the Sony Mavica MVC-FD88. It works fine except the flash is broken. The Mavica line is interesting because they use floppy disks as a medium for storing pictures. Check out this one I took of my neighboorhood that morning.

Not amazing quality, of course, but it's not bad at all. It was super beautiful. This camera will come in handy for making natively small images since I don't really enjoy resizing stuff. By the way, I redid the logo at the top of the page! Kinda cool, eh? I made it in Adobe Dimensions 3.0 which is a very very obscure piece of software that basically made 3D stuff specifically for print. There's a modern sort of equivalent that's not really equivalent called Adobe Dimension which is cool. I used it on a school computer the other day and you can actually see what I did on my photo page. It's really cool software, basically you create something in, say, Illustrator and then import the project file (or .bmp file) and make it 3D. Isn't that weird? There's no real modern equivalent. I'm still learning it but it's pretty neat stuff. Anyways, I'd best get going, thanks for reading!

PS. Corin says hello

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hiya! As I write this, it's currently a little past midnight, but I'm gonna count this for the 13th since I'm fairly sure I'll write tomorrow. I've just had the time of my life setting this computer up, so I figure I'll tell you about it. It's this old Gateway thing from like 2001-ish and it shipped with Windows ME which is a really not-great operating system I'm told. So I think, "Hmm... I'll just put 2000 on it and then bam I'll be good. That was not the case. My first hurdle was the monitor, a Packard Bell (Rememember them?) CRT from 1996. This monitor was the one my father used back in the day on the same computer he met my mother using. Fun stuff. But that's besides the point. This thing is kinda gross. Now, I'm a grown man, I can handle gross. What I could not handle was clicking, and this thing was clicking! So, I consulted the internet about it and it turns out that's the high voltage failing. You may ask, "Syd, please enlighten us with your stolen wisdom!" and to that I'd say, "It means it'll go boom." So, I had to switch to a 16:9 (Someday I gotta rant about how much I despise widescreen) LCD I found lying around. This wasn't much of a hassle, but I'm a huge jerk or something so I'm still gonna complain.

So, that brings me to my next problem: Windows 2000. I'm not a computer genius and I hope nobody who reads this is because I am going to make myself sound like an idiot. First time I try to install, it gets to the part where it reboots and there's nothing! It just hangs at the BIOS. So I do what any reasonable person would do and install DOS 7, then Windows 98 SE (relavent later), THEN and only then can I upgrade to Windows 2000. I didn't even know it was possible. But then, disaster strikes! It doesn't work! I swear to god I did all this probably 5 or 6 times. So, after trying a few more .iso files, I give up. Then, it hits me: I already installed Windows 98 SE and it worked okay(or at least okay-ish, we'll get to that)! First try doesn't work due to me fucking up the DOS 7 setup, so on the second go, I finally get it. But then, foolishness prevails and I decide to use the Gateway restore discs that came with the system. After a few more hours wasted, I go back to 98 SE and realize that I have 3 big problems that I noticed. First was that there was no USB support. This was the easiest thing to fix as it was just a single executable and a reboot. Second, there was no audio. Not sure exactly what I'm gonna do about this, so we'll leave it for now. Third, there was only 16 colors. At this point I was tired and close to just giving up, but I'm glad I kept working. After about 300,000 tries, I finally thought of something. Remember the Gateway System Restore disks? They had drivers on them! I guess Gateway was just lazy or something, but it looks like these disks have software for 98, ME, and 2000, so that's fun. But, after around 10 minutes, I got it working nearly perfectly. There's still some infrequent screen glitching going on, I'm not even sure how to describe it, but it's not really noticeable enough to really make me wanna change it. So, that's the story of how I fixed up the old Gateway. I might not be able to update til Sunday since I'm working, but I'll be back soon enough and I'm hoping to get a new job soon where I can do this stuff more often if that makes sense. Anyways, goodnight everyone! I'm beat.

Update: Here's a photo of the setup, made with one of the fancy floppy disk cameras for proper aesthetic

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

This is a test of the blog function of my website. Today I worked on my website and, as of writing, I've finished 3 pages: the homepage, the about me section, and the blog. Hopefully I can get it all done either today or tomorrow! The new hard drive for my other computer arrives tomorrow and I will install Windows 2000 on it and then I can not be distracted by all the tantalizing LCD screen stuff.