Blog - June 2021

Notable for being the month I forgot about this site and forgot to update very often.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Often, I wonder why I do what I do. What makes this stuff worth it to me? Well, I have no clue but I did some cool 3D stuff on the iMac G3. I'm using some software called StrataVision 3d 4.0 and it's really cool. I just used some of the default shapes, but I made the desk and the paper and did all the heavy lifting. This software is really promising for the kinda stuff I want to make. I'll post updates as I do more scenes. This is not as cool as PovRay but it's way easier and I think, with some work, can maybe be just as neat. It's got a lot of render methods I haven't tried yet, as well. Here are some WIP renders in low quality, and then the final render.

Creating the room

Placing objects

The final-ish room, note that I didn't make a full room, just the parts you see in the image.

The final product

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Hi everyone! Very good past two days. I played the gig, it went super well. I had 28 people by the end. I wore a red suit and played my stratotone and looked pretty cool I think. The crowd seemed to like me too. Today was neat as well, I toured a new studio that just opened on the West End and met two really neat guys. Hopefully we can do some music stuff. My main goal at the moment is getting some gigs.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates outside of the postcard page, I've been kinda busy with band practice and all that. The stratotone came in yesterday! It's a wonderful instrument, I really love it. I'll probably have it modified a little after the big show tomorrow, just so it plays a little better. I've fallen down a rabbit hole: WebDAV on MacOS 9. I really wanna be able to update this site even when I don't have my laptop with me, so this could be really promising. Also really cool that Neocities has native WebDAV support. Right now I just gotta get the client to work. All my friends are on vacation right now, so I'm a little bored if you couldn't tell. Ciao!

Monday, June 7, 2021

OKAY, I've done some cool shit I think. I've been messing with the iMac G3 a bunch today and I've gotten it to work with Classilla browser so I can access a lot more websites, and I've also gotten Discord to work! It's this wild thing where I log in through an IRC client and then use that as my sorta middleman. It's incredibly difficult to use but I adore it. I forgot I know almost nobody on Discord and I know exactly 0 people who really care but it was still super worth it. They were right when they called OS9 the best way to access the internet. Also traffic blocked my favorite Starbucks so I've been forced to not go for like a week. They actually noticed too which is kinda wild! I've been a regular there for far longer than is socially acceptable. Anyways, very successful day and more proof that I need a job BAD. Bye everyone!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Howdy! I'm writing this from Neocities! I moved my hosting service to Neocities so now I gotta get some cool 88x31s to celebrate. I had a really really cool day today. I went with my pal Kricket to the Peddler's Mall which is basically a big vendor mall (kinda obvious from the name, actually). Either way, we found a lot of cool stuff. I used to go there a lot but I was always dissapointed. I think I never looked close enough. Like there was this booth with a ton of vintage postcards and they're all fantastic. Real album cover material. I'll scan em soon enough. There was also a Cyanotype which was a primordial photographic process where you place a negative upon a sheet of paper coated in a solution which, when mixed with water, produces Prussian Blue. It's actually where the term Blueprint came from. I've never actually seen a period Cyanotype so it was really cool and only a dollar! I've made a few and I wanna make more once I get my large format film stuff up and running again. Portraits would be cool to make eventually! Right now it's music I'm into. Music and web design. People wonder why I'm single. Either way, today was a really fun day! BTW I helped Kriket make the website linked by their name so click it to see my hard work and lousy programming skills in action! We just got off the phone after like an hour and a half of trying to figure out how Div works. Also, I've got a few shows coming up. Pray for me! Bye everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Okay so today was relatively boring, but I have a little bit of news. First off, I bought a new guitar! It's a Harmony Stratatone from around 1960-61 and it's really cool. It's coming in the mail probably this week. I've never spent this much on a guitar, plus my last day at Domino's is this weekend, so I'm not sure whether I ought to be ashamed or not. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Hi, I'm back! Ohio was insane, so this might be a long one. I'll try to break it down by day. I've also got some nice and crusty pictures I'll show off as I go. First day was pretty simple, I rode up with my father from around 1 PM and we got there at like 8:45 at Ronnie and Jared's place. His dogs were insane! (One of them actually bit a hole in my pants a couple days in). We basically just hung out in the basement for a bit and I used Corin's nice 4-track to make a little song. Basic stuff. They also did lots of drugs and whatnot which I'm a really not big fan of, but it was okay. I also found out that Dylan (who produced us in Nashville) is a big fan of my work which is really cool. He's a really bonafide guy. After that, we went to Corin's parent's place. It turns out they're very well off so it was a shockingly big house, like 9000 square feet type of deal. Her parents were going to Aruba so we had it basically to ourselves. I slept on a couch too in the living room (they call it a "grand room" which is kinda dumb in my opinion lol). It was so uncomfortable! I barely got a lick of sleep. Thank god it was just one night. But it was nice, Corin was really fun to hang with.

The second day was more interesting, I think. I got up early with Corin and went to her work. We saw this guy who had cerebral palsy and just kinda needed mobility help. His wife had it too and she could mostly get around, but she couldn't talk. They also had a dog who had a sorta collapsed trachea or something so he was kinda constantly choking. He was nice, though. We watched television for a lot of it. After that, we checked into the Airbnb around 5. It was amazing, I wish I got more pictures of it, but here's one of the living room after we set up.

It was a pretty big mess for a few days

We were gonna practice after we set up, but the band decided to get high which sucked. You might kinda see where this is leading up to, but I'd like to just say it: The performance didn't go well. It was okay, passable, but it needed a lot of work. The day of the show we got up and got breakfast and didn't get to actually practice til around 1:30 or 2. The show was at 3. The vocals were weak because our setup was so shitty, the guitar was mediocre because I didn't really know how to use the amp and it was causing the mic to shock me. It was just rough. I listened back to the tapes and it's just not good. It sucks because it totally could have been! I wish we could have done some of Corin's originals. They're actually good, like I remember being in Nashville and really being impressed. That EP we did also got scrapped which is a real shame. I'm barely a member of this band, so I guess I don't have a say, but it doesn't make much sense to me. At least we'll get copies when Dylan finishes mixing it. By the way, he said he'd be down for me to come to Nashville to cut some songs.

When we finished playing, we shut off the live feed and all kinda knew it was bad. I'm pretty sure the first thing I heard was, "That could've been better". It certainly could have. Dylan kinda gave the band a Come to Jesus talk. (I guess I kinda helped too since I'm only really a tangential member. I only really play with them every couple months, and I'm never on the recordings (or at least not on most of them). The aftershow period was really fun. Dylan brought some friends of his over and we all had a really good time. He asked me to play a couple original songs for him and his friend Gia (not sure how to actually spell it lol)

My only pic of Dylan and Gia

A decent pic of just Dylan

As for the rest of the trip, not a ton happened. The best part was probably going to The Butler which is a really nice museum on the campus of YSU. We saw a Van Gogh and a lot of cool stuff. Some Nam June Paik too! The only thing was a big lack of foreign art, but I guess it's called the Butler Institute for American Art for a reason! Another very cool thing was Lantermans Mill which I went to alone. There was a beautiful park attached and I walked around as much as I could. I also obviously toured the mill which was amazing. I wish I woulda brought the camera cause it was really really cool. It's amazing what people could do in 1845. I really had a nice time in Ohio. The drugs were the only downside, and it was a pretty big downside, but I still managed which I'm happy with myself for. A few years ago I would've flipped.

The Clay Pigeons!