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Postcard/Ephemera Gallery

For a lot of my life, I've collected postcards and vintage ephemera, I hope to show some of it off here! I've got a lot of postcards, but I plan to update this as I can. Postcards are a really great thing and the ones I collect sort of remind me of Liminal Spaces. Enjoy!

P.S. I scan at 1200 dots per inch, if you want the original 20mb+ files, shoot me a message!

I bought this first example I'm showing off on June 6, 2021 at the Peddlers Mall and it's one of my favorites, it's such an interesting space, I feel. You kinda get sucked into it. The postcard was sent in 1988 as you can sorta see from the date and from my looking up of the stamp. The photograph is what's really interesting. There's really no way to know when it was taken as "Mike Roberts Color Productions" existed from the 50s til at least the 80s. My guess is early 60s. Either way, it's a beautiful postcard and is probably my favorite of the lot.

This one's also fantastic, I got this with the same lot of June 6. It blurs the line between photograph and art. Many of these postcards are photographs that were "touched up", some to such an extent that they lose all photographic properties and become these beautiful works of art that you really can't find anywhere else. This particular example dates to probably no later than 1919. I've only seen one example of it on the internet from a souvenir folder (this was basically just a bundle of postcards accordion'd together) dated to some time during the First World War.

This ones also from that June 6 lot, and it's a beautiful image of Fort Myers Beach in Florida. I think it was based on a photograph but was heavily doctored to be aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of Harris Burdick. Anyone else remember him? Liminal spaces for sure

Another June 6 card, this is for the long defunct Hotel Sherman in Chicago. It's undated but what I've seen hints this card is from no later than the early 50s. I love the art style, it's so quintessentially mid century in a way that I really appreciate. I wonder how much a "red, white and blue room; original in styling" cost back in the day, probably a lot better than what I pay when I travel.

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